Sunday, November 15, 2009

Water, Food and Energy today and tomorrow

On "Human Inventivness"
Water, Food and Energy today and tomorrow

Before you read this, please go down-stairs and served yourself a good glass of water.
Drink it slowly, think about the taste and the feeling while is passing through your throat. Think about how important it is for us. And finally, imagine living without this. In my own experience is one of the most horrible feelings.

Similar emotions provoke imagining your life without food and energy. That's why today has to be one of the most important things in every aspect of our lives. Everything turns mainly around these concepts: Water, food and energy. "Today world's supply has become very complicated, tomorrow may get impossible or inaccesible".

This crisis attemps to every concept of Sustainable Development. The lack of any of those basic supplies would bring unimaginable problems and conflicts to every civilization; the same if it is a developed or underdeveloped country. At the end, short distance between places and a growing population of almost 7 billion people aren't going to be stopped by anything.

Water, food and energy are connected to each other. Lets put emphasis and pressure in those issues to our surroundings. Today's economical crisis is anything but the response of the lack of these basic supplies.

Next years promise to be very interesting on this field. New technologies, advanced knowledge in every social topic and the rapidly spread interest among the population is going to bring new incredible advancements to solve these unstoppable rising world complications. Everything again lies on human inventiveness.

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