Saturday, November 21, 2009

A lightweight solar-powered plane

On "Human inventiveness"

This solar aircraft have crossed the continent, soared almost three times higher than jet airliners and even flown through the night.

Solar Impulse plans to begin flight testing its eponymous aircraft next fall and hopes to make a transatlantic flight in 2011, followed by the first flight around the world in a solar plane.

The proposed pilot is the famous Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard, who already set a record in 1999, when turn the globe without scales in a bit less than 20 days.

It still has a lot of challenges but seems to have lot of applications in a very close future.


Armando said...
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Armando said...

que onda juanjo oye que buena aventura! que envidia sobre todo. acerca del avion solar, aqui te mando la direcciôn del creador del 1er avion solar (sin tripulaciôn) que le da varias veces la vuelta al mundo y se la pasaba volando unos 3 meses continuos.

Checa al final del video, viene una explicaciôn muy interesante de como le hacen para volar.

saludos ca!

aqui esta el perfil del inventor: